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Take a look at the frequently asked questions
about our garbage can cleaning service

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Do I need to be home when you clean my garbage cans?
No, you do not need to be home. We will notify you the day before your cleaning day and send you a text message letting you know approximately when we will be arriving. As long as your cans are on the curb and trash free you don’t need to do anything else.
Do you clean during the winter season?
Yes, we may. As long as weather permits, we will continue servicing through the winter. Some locations may choose to shut down a few months during the winter, but we will notify you and freeze any plans until we are up and running again.
Why don’t you clean on the same day as garbage day?
We may have your cleaning day be the day after your trash is picked up, this is because trash pickup may be later in the evening and due to routing, we may not be able to schedule your stop before the end of the day.
How do I know when my cleaning day(s) will be?

We will ask you when you sign up what day your trash day is, and approximately what time your trash is picked up so we can put you on our route as efficiently as possible.

What if I need to reschedule my cleaning?

If you need to reschedule, contact us and we can move your cleaning day to the next day or next time we are in your area.

What if I have garbage in my can on cleaning day?

If you have garbage in your garbage can on cleaning day, please remove it before the cleaning operator arrives. We also ask that you dump any excess grass clippings if they are stuck in the bin.


Welcome to our trash can cleaning company! We are a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to providing top-quality trash can cleaning services to homes and businesses in our community.

Our company was founded with the goal of helping people keep their properties clean and hygienic, while also reducing their environmental impact. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment, and we strive to make a difference in the world through our services.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure that your trash cans are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Our team is fully trained and experienced, and we take pride in our attention to detail and customer service.

Thank you for considering us for your trash can cleaning needs. We look forward to serving you and helping to make your property a cleaner, healthier place.